The second phase is the same fairy tales as “we'll take Kyiv in 72 hours” – Podoliak


The second phase – these are the same fairy tales as "take Kyiv in 72 hours", – Podolyak

Podolyak about the “second phase”/Office of the President

Mikhail Podolyak noticed that Russians love to tell fairy tales. At the same time, in reality, there will be only what Ukraine needs.

Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President Podolyak noted that on April 19, Russia announced the start of the second phase of the so-called “special operation”, Channel 24 reports. The occupying country likes to invent all sorts of symbols to resemble the Nazis.

“Donbass. The second phase of the special operation.” Second, third, tenth? It doesn't matter anymore. Why? Because this is the same as “we will take Kyiv in 72 hours.” Russians just love to tell fairy tales. But in reality, there will be only what Ukraine needs,” Podolyak emphasized.

Podolyak noted that Ukrainians do not care in what phase to destroy the Russian military. They do not know how to fight, but only kill people and hit civilian infrastructure.

Podolyak stressed that he still did not understand what the Russians want to prove to the world. Perhaps to show that this is a barbarian civilization that should be isolated. They do it successfully. And Ukraine will help the world understand that there is no need to deal with such a civilization at all.

Note! Earlier, Podolyak said that in order to quickly end the war, it is necessary to arm Ukraine, as well as impose an embargo on Russia.

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