The secret of the quiet operation of the PlayStation 5 revealed

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The secret of the quiet operation of the PlayStation 5 revealed

Internet users have found a way to reduce noise from a running Sony box. The corresponding publication appeared on the NeoGAF forum.

The user of the resource under the nickname mili2110 said that he received the console two weeks ago and encountered a problem. According to him, after a few days of normal operation, his PlayStation 5 suddenly started to make a lot of noise, especially when he was playing Demon's Souls. The gamer complained about the noisy fan, but noted that the problem went away as soon as he set the console upright and turned it upside down.

The owner of the console said that he had revealed the secret of the PS5 after he spied this method on the Internet. He mentioned a video posted on Twitter by the head of PlayStation Studios Hermen Hulst, in which you can see the top manager's console set upside down. Hulst later deleted the video, posting a new one instead, on which the prefix was not visible.

Forum commentators were surprised to accept the gamer's recommendation, noting that when installed in the wrong position, the console really starts to work quieter. “You all laughed at him. And he knew! ” – joked the user under the nickname karonoth. Some commentators noted that the gamer should still issue a refund and return the defective device to the store.

Earlier, the first owners of the new Sony console complained about the loud noise that the device's drive makes. The owners of the console noted that the PS5 accesses the drive constantly, even when the game itself does not require it. A specific noise occurs every time the equipment is started, which repeats about once an hour.

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