The shelling of Kharkov and 28 “Caliber” in the Black Sea: the main thing for the 205th day of the war


Shelling of Kharkov and 28 Calibers in the Black Sea: the main story for the 205th day of the war

For more than 6 months, our defenders have been fighting for the right to live in a free land. Every day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine prove their invincibility and professionalism.

Read about the main events of the 205th day of the Russian-Ukrainian confrontation on Channel 24.

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05:52 The invaders attacked Kharkiv again. Explosions in the city were reported at 3:30. There were 2 explosions, people did not notice the launches from the ground.

04:18 Only recently Ukraine received a new aid package from the United States. And the Secretary of State's Memorandum on the allocation of the next one has already appeared on the White House website. US President Joe Biden delegated to the Secretary of State the authority to allocate up to $600 million to Ukraine for defense products and services, as well as for military education.

03:38 An enemy Su-30 is heading towards the Black Sea launched two Kh-31A cruise missiles at the port infrastructure of Ochakov. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

03:33 The ship grouping of the enemy fleet has 13 units of ships. They continue to maneuver along the Crimean coast. The occupiers are holding ready 3 surface and 1 underwater rocket carriers, carrying 28 winged Kalibr missiles. Russian marking – “Geranium-2”).

01:28 There was a “pop” in Russian Valuyki. It is obvious that the invaders fired on themselves again. The Russians are complaining about the lack of electricity.

00:24 Our air defense forces shot down another Kalibr-type missile over Odessa. The invaders fired a live projectile from the Black Sea.

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