The shelling of the Burshtynska thermal power plant: the SBU detained the author of the video received by the propagandists


Shelling of Burshtynska TPP: SBU detained the author of the video received by propagandists

The SBU has detained a blogger who published a video of the shelling of the Burshtynska thermal power plant in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. A few minutes later, Russian propagandists picked up the video.

The SBU stressed that social networks are monitored not only by Russian bloggers-“military correspondents”, but also by military personnel. Enemies take into account information from open Ukrainian sources when planning their actions.

The blogger wanted to get more subscribers

The blogger filmed the consequences of rocket hits on the object critical infrastructure and posted it on his telegram channel. The guy admitted that he did it to increase the number of subscribers and had no evil intentions.

However, the video was quickly picked up by the telegram channel, which has a million-strong audience. After 7 minutes, the Russian propagandists already had the results of the shelling.

The SBU stressed that the blogger is indeed not a spotter and does not intend to assist the enemy. After talking with the security service, he realized that the video of the hit could be used by Russia to correct the accuracy of the strikes.

Pay attention.The SBU notes the ban on filming and publishing videos of the consequences of hits by enemy missiles and drones on military facilities and civilian critical infrastructure. Correction of enemy fire is a crime and is punishable by law.

SBU neutralizes FSB agents in Donetsk region

SBU neutralizes FSB agents in Donetsk region, which “hunted” for the positions of Ukrainian Javelins. Two residents of Donbass were recruited by the FSB at the beginning of a full-scale invasion. They collected intelligence data from the places of temporary deployment and movement of units of the Defense Forces on the territory of the Donetsk region, in particular in the Bakhmut direction. First of all, they were interested in where the Javelins were located.

Enemy minions contacted their Russian handlers through a network of “messengers” from the temporarily occupied territory of the region. They turned out to be several militants of the “1st Army Corps” of the invaders.

The SBU exposed the FSB agents in the Donetsk region: photo

They transmitted the information received by the agents to the representative the so-called “MGB” and the head of intelligence of one of the groups of the terrorist organization “DPR”, and they already reported to the FSB.

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