The shelling of the Russians are on schedule, – a military expert said what it depends on


The shelling of the Russians is on schedule, – the military expert said what it depends on

In recent weeks, arrivals of Russian missiles over most of the territory of Ukraine have significantly decreased. This may indicate that the occupiers have reduced their missile arsenal.

This Channel 24 said the head of the Center for Military Legal Research Alexander Musienko. According to him, a certain curve has formed in the situation with Russian shelling. Conditionally the threat increases within 1-2 days , and then a decline may occur within a week.

This does not apply to Kharkiv, Nikolaev, Slavyanskand other front-line cities where kafirs can reach with other weapons.

Russians practically don’t launch some rockets

Musiyenko notes that now the occupiers have started shooting according to a specific schedule. It most likely depends on the supply of the missiles themselves. But some types of Russians are already in short supply.

We can see this tendentiousness, which indicates that the shelling is taking place according to some kind of plan or schedule. They are already tied to the supply of high-precision missiles and the possibility of their use and use,” Musienko noted.

For example, almost nothing is heard about Iskander missiles in the news. It is obvious that the occupiers do not have time to restore them and now they are practically not used. But in March-April, the Russians often launched Iskanders.

There is information that the Russians started having problems with Kalibr missiles. If they continue to shoot them at wooden HIMARS mock-ups, it will be really good.

According to Musienko, the most threatening weapons now are the old anti-ship missiles Kh-22, Kh-31 and etc. They are difficult to intercept, and there may still be enough of them in the warehouses of infidels. But in general, everything looks like that the infidels started having problems with modern missiles that they made in Russia. would like to. It is believed that a large number of Soviet missiles still remain. But the new “Caliber”, “Iskander”, X-101 is becoming smaller. These are the missiles that are made in Russia, but they can't replenish or do it at a slow rate because they don't have components. Musienko noted.

Recall that earlier Alexander Musienko told what types of weapons problems could begin to arise in Russia. In his opinion, there are several areas where it will be difficult for the invaders to restore supplies. Among them are aviation and armored vehicles.

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