The ships were rowed to the other side of the coast, – Arestovich on the consequences of the destruction of “Moscow”


The ships rowed to the other side of the coast, – Arestovich about the consequences of the destruction of "Moscow"

Russian ships/Channel 24 collage

Recently Ukrainian WMDs sank the Russian cruiser Moskva. Immediately after that, other ships sailed very quickly to the other side of the Crimean coast.

Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President Alexei Arestovich spoke about this on the air of Channel 24.

According to him, the Russian ships rowed away very quickly after they realized that we had hit the Moscow.

They rowed away from Sevastopol to another side of the Crimean coast. Because they are afraid that the Neptunes will reach them, – said Arestovich.

He says that the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense jokingly asked Turkey to let additional Russian ships through the Bosphorus so that our ” Neptune” could practice.

The first video of the downed cruiser “Moskva” after a powerful blow:

The adviser to the head of the Presidential Administration said that the Russian Black Sea Fleet has a good tradition – “to flood in any incomprehensible situation.”< /p>

“I suggest they do this for the third time. Because, firstly, the loss of the Moskva flagship is a very symbolic blow. Secondly, it fundamentally changed the balance of power in Black Sea basin not in favor of Russia,” he stressed.

Arestovich argues that sinking the Moskva is the same as destroying an entire tank division with one blow.

Small frigates and other ships remained there, but this is no longer the Black Sea Fleet, which had a “powerful air defense umbrella” and the ability to fire cruise missiles, which was provided by “Moskva”, he assured.

Arestovich says that now “Moscow “is a diving facility at the bottom of the Black Sea, and our Minister of Defense invited everyone to “dive” after the war.

According to the preliminary data of the adviser to the head of the OP, at least a third of the crew died there . Some of them were saved, but they are now being interrogated by the FSB, whether there was a traitor on board.

By the way, the mother of the surviving sailor from the “Moscow” said that there were about 510 people on board the cruiser. The son said about 40 dead. According to him, everyone who was on deck, in the wheelhouse, on watch, died, because the blow occurred just on the deck. In addition, there are victims, they mostly have severed limbs.

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