The situation is in favor of Ukraine, – Arestovich told what is happening in the Kherson region


The situation is in favor of Ukraine, – Arestovich told what is happening in the Kherson region

According to Arestovich, the situation in the Kherson region is in favor of the Armed Forces of Ukraine/”Stopkor”

Ukrainian defenders continue to fight the Russian invaders, in particular, in the Kherson region. Aleksey Arestovich, Advisor to the Head of the President's Office, spoke about the situation in the region.

The official noted that the prospects in the direction of Kherson are difficult. He spoke about this during the broadcast on the YouTube channel “FEIGIN LIVE”, channel 24 reports.

The situation in the Kherson direction in favor of the Ukrainian defenders

< p>According to Arestovich, all prospects in the Kherson region depend on the availability of heavy weapons.

We're making a little progress there, they're trying to counteract a little. But in general, the situation there is in our favor – 55 to 45, – noted the adviser to the head of the Presidential Office.

He added that geography affects the progress in this direction, because the Dnieper needs to be forced somehow.

“It's not easy, because the Antonovsky Bridge is mined there. It will be blown up by the Russians when they try to attack. Well, Kakhovka … There is a dam, it's easier there – you can't blow up the dam so easily. There are different nuances,” Arestovich said.

According to him, now there is a struggle to eliminate the “right-bank bulge” in the direction of Nikolaev. There, Russian troops are firmly on the defensive. Sometimes the occupiers try to move, but on April 19, during the last movement of the enemies, the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine defeated them once again.

“Ours also try to move – sometimes successfully, sometimes not very much. Heavy red tape,” Arestovich added.


The adviser to the head of the OP summed up that the terrain in that direction is very difficult, because everything is “cut” by channels that act like anti-tank ditches, so you can't get through them so easily.

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