The smallest reptile on the planet discovered

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The smallest reptile on the planet discovered

Scientists from the Zoological State Collection of Munich have discovered the smallest reptile on the planet in Madagascar, discovering a new species of tiny brookesia chameleons “Brookesia nana”. A study by the German Zoological Research Institute published the journal Scientific Reports.

Researchers have photographed a reptile, whose adult male body length is only thirteen and a half millimeters.

A group of herpetologists led by Frank Glau argues that this species is the smallest of all currently known bruquesias. Scientists caught two light brown reptiles, it turned out that they are a male and a female. Moreover, the male turned out to be smaller than the female, however, experts drew attention to the large size of his genitals relative to the body, the length of which is two and a half millimeters.

Brookesia live in those areas of Madagascar where trees are actively burned and cut down for human needs. The scientists who discovered the reptiles suggested assigning them the status of a species on the verge of complete extinction.

In October 2020, the skeleton of an ichthyosaur that lived more than 240 million years ago was found on Russky Island in Vladivostok. Participants of the educational project “Science in Travel. Primorye ”found on the island a slab split after a typhoon, on which traces of ribs and fragments of bones were clearly visible.

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