The sniper even lowered his rifle: the prisoner cleared the wounded Wagner soldier and left him to die alone


The sniper even lowered his rifle: the prisoner cleared the wounded Wagner soldier and left him to die alone

The support of the occupiers, in particular the Wagnerites, for each other in the war is phenomenal. So much so that even the Ukrainian military admit that they have never seen anything like it. However, as is customary with the Russians, there is a nuance.

This support remains only in words, because the occupiers do not leave their own exactly until they themselves rip off their brothers like sticky. Oleg Zelinsky, head of the press service of the 63rd separate mechanized brigade, spoke about this on the air of the telethon, Channel 24 writes.

Don't even try to save

Although, considering who Prigozhin recruited into his “elite” PMC, this is not surprising. Another similar case was reported by Ukrainian intelligence officers. In the war zone, where there are short distances between the Ukrainians and the invaders, they shot one Wagnerian from a machine gun.

However, he did not die, but squealed in pain so that it was audible to both the Ukrainian defenders and fellow unfortunate occupiers. So the sniper decided to wait until the wounded man's help would take him out of the line of fire in order to destroy more enemy personnel. What the defender saw in the scope made him even lower his rifle.

The sniper sat for another 5 minutes, dropped his rifle without even firing a shot, and said: “I have never seen anything like this in my life,” Oleg Zelinsky said.

His comrade hurried to the wounded man, but not in order to save his brother. The recruited convict cleaned out all the pockets of the wounded man and took away even the machine gun, not giving the Wagnerian a chance for at least some kind of defense, and crawled back to the shelter himself. “And he screamed and died there,” said the head of the press service of the 63rd OMBR.

They not only do not save, but also shoot their own

According to the previously captured Wagnerite Igor Ilyin, it became known that cruelty to one's own in PMCs is a common thing. He complained that the command for non-execution of the order could shoot subordinates.

The execution, in particular, took place on the territory of the occupying country itself, in a training camp in the city of Ussuriysk. There, on January 7, a Wagner instructor with the call sign “Bandit” shot several people. And if the command of the mercenaries acts so far from the front line, then we can only imagine what it resorts to in Ukraine.

The prisoner also stated that the Wagner PMC is a deceptive terrorist organization. And in an appeal to the Russians, he urged them to refuse to go to war in Ukraine.

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