The solution will definitely be: Deshchitsa explained why Germany is looking for how to delay the supply of Leopard


The solution will definitely be: Deshchitsa explained why Germany is looking for how to delay the supply of Leopard

It is impossible to delay the supply of German Leopard tanks. War is not the time for lengthy negotiations and slow decision-making.

Andrey Deshchytsia, Ukrainian diplomat, head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry (in 2014), Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland (2014-2022). According to him, Germany is favorable to Ukraine and will soon please her with good news.

Why decisions take so long

According to Andrei Deshchitsa, the new German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius is now looking for an excuse to delay the decision-making time a bit.

“And, perhaps, even use that he is new to the position and he needs time to understand the situation,” he stressed.

According to him, these are just excuses. In addition, neither Boris Pistorius nor German Chancellor Olaf Scholz himself categorically states that Ukraine will definitely not receive equipment. This can be seen as an optimistic element of the negotiations.

Actually, the decision will be positive, Deshchitsa explained.

It's just that the German leadership is looking for a reason to delay the announcement of this decision.

Andrey Deshchytsia told whether to expect a positive decision from Germany: watch the video

From what prism the situation should be considered

It should be noted that negotiations are ongoing.

I think it's time for Germany to change its approaches to decision-making, given that there is a war going on, he stressed.

According to the diplomat, the decision should not be delayed.

“The decision must be made quickly and radically,” he added.

According to him, war is not the moment when there is time for debate.

The situation with Leopard tanks: key information

  • Poland is one of those states that are ready to transfer Leopard to Ukraine. She has already officially invited Germany for approval for the supply of German tanks to our state.
  • The day before, WELT announced how many Leopard tanks are equipped by different countries. It is known that 13 European countries own about 2 thousand of these machines. But only a small part is ready to transfer their Leopards to Ukraine.
  • Meanwhile, Josep Borrell said that Germany will not block the transfer of Leopards to other states. He made the corresponding statement at a briefing following a meeting of the EU Council at the level of foreign ministers of member countries.
  • In this article, we analyzed the situation around the issue of the transfer of German tanks. We tried to figure out what lies behind Scholz's solution. Perhaps it is about their own ambitions or the stubbornness of the German chancellor.

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