The spacecraft with the Chinese astronauts separated from the module to return to Earth

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Moscow. 16 of September. INTERFAX.RU – The Shenzhou-12 spacecraft with three astronauts on board has successfully separated from the base module of the Chinese Tiangong orbital station.

The astronauts completed the third mission to prepare the station for operation, which lasted 90 days. There are 11 such missions in total. Their task was to assemble and connect equipment delivered to the module by cargo ships.

The next crew is expected to stay in the module for about six months.

It is planned that two laboratory modules will be launched into orbit, which will be docked to the base, four cargo and four manned spacecraft will be launched.

The construction of the station began in April of this year and should be completed in 2022.

The total weight of the station after the completion of its construction will be about 100 tons. It will be several times smaller than the International Space Station and will be capable of receiving three crew members on a permanent basis.

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