The Squid Game TV series was appreciated in North Korea

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The Squid Game TV series was appreciated in North Korea

The official North Korean media Arirang has rated the South Korean drama Squid Game, which topped the international top streaming platform Netflix. Writes about this TMZ.

According to journalists from the DPRK, the popularity of the “Squid Game” can be explained by the fact that the series “exposes the realities of capitalist culture in South Korea” and shows “a society of inequality, where people are treated like pawns of the rich.”

Arirang also notes that “The Squid Game” makes people aware of the sad reality of a monstrous South Korean society in which people are forced into extreme competition and their humanity is destroyed. “

Earlier, the Russian Safe Internet League asked psychologists to check the Squid Game series, suspecting it of negatively affecting minors. The organization noted that they received several requests from parents in connection with the release of the series on Netflix and Kinopoisk services. “They think that some viewers, especially young people, might be tempted to repeat scenes from The Squid Game.”

Squid Game has topped Netflix's Top Service in 90 countries. The series follows characters who, faced with financial difficulties, go to the island and participate in survival games. It is noted that this show could become the most successful on the platform and overtake such hits as “The Witcher” and “Bridgerton”.

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