The Squid Games star will auction a robe from the series

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The Squid Games star will auction a robe from the series

The star of “Squid Games” will put up a robe from the TV series at auction. The actor plans to send the proceeds to charity.

Actor Jeffrey Giuliano decided to cash in on the worldwide popularity of the Netflix series Squid Game. He intends to sell the robe in which he appeared on the screen, as well as his copy of the script and storyboard.

The auction will take place in North Carolina, USA. The actor will transfer the proceeds to widows and children living in West Bengal, India.

The actor stated that he usually does not stick to the script during filming, but “The Squid Game” was an exception. He also kept his robe because he liked it. It sounds like a tricky move, but Jeffrey notes that no one even imagined that the series would become so popular.

Jeffrey Giuliano has yet to set a date for the auction, but when the auction begins, he expects to see six figures for the robe and at least $ 10,000 for the script, TMZ reports.

Earlier it became known that a real game based on the series will be held in North Korea.

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