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Anton Gorelkin, a member of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications, suggested monitoring “criminal intentions” on the Internet and social networks after the shooting at a Kazan school.

He said that the attacker announced plans to attack the school on his Telegram channel. The persons involved in similar crimes have acted in a similar way in recent years.

– In this regard, it is important for me to understand the following. As soon as I mention a product or service in a search or even in private correspondence on a messenger, in an e-mail, in a social network, advertising banners and links on this topic begin to fall on me. That is, commercial AIs very accurately and quickly track my interests and intentions, '' Gorelkin wrote in his Telegram channel.

He proposed creating a system that would track “malice” and “trigger phrases” on social networks and other sites.

Let us remind you that the attacker on the school in Kazan announced his plans in the Telegram channel. In one of the posts, he declares that he is God and intends to cleanse the world of “living creatures”. The rest of the messages of the person who opened the fire says: “I came to this world in the guise of a man to get rid of all of you”, “Today I will kill a huge amount of bio-waste.”

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