The state of the power system is difficult – emergency shutdowns must be applied, – Shmyhal


The state of the power system is difficult – emergency shutdowns must be applied, – Shmyhal

The situation in the energy system of our state after the last massive shelling remains difficult, but manageable. In order to avoid an increase in capacity shortages, the authorities are forced to apply, in particular, emergency power cuts.

Due to the cold snap, Ukrainians began to consume more electricity. At the same time, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal noted that the problem also lies in the fact that a significant part of the generation is located on the territory of the Zaporozhye NPP.

What is happening in general in Energy

The head of government stated that Ukraine had passed the equator of winter, and since the first massive attack on our state, it was clear that this winter would be the most difficult. The invaders' attempts to plunge us into cold and darkness, of course, failed, but it's too early to relax.

Resources and the continuation and completion of the heating season are sufficient in normal mode. There are about 11 billion cubic meters of gas and 1.2 million tons of coal in the gas storage facilities,” Shmygal said.

He noted that Naftogaz received 189 million euros, for which it will be able to import additional gas. In addition, during this speech at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, Shmyhal recalled that many energy facilities are controlled by the Russians. We are talking, in particular, about the Zaporozhye NPP.

Pay attention!Shmyhal also noted that soon there will be a meeting of the so-called “energy Ramstein”, at which the partners of our state will discuss issues of supporting the energy system of Ukraine.

The situation in the energy system changes every day

  • It should be said that that recently the consumption of electricity by Ukrainians has been growing, in particular, due to sub-zero temperatures. However, our power engineers are constantly working in order to reduce the shortage of capacities and avoid emergency shutdowns.
  • In the meantime, at least on January 24, hourly power outage schedules have been introduced in most regions of our state. In addition, we can say that the most unlucky residents of Lviv and Volyn regions, because in these regions there is no blackout according to the schedule.
  • To help stabilize the situation in the energy system, you should, if possible, save electricity consumption.
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