The stigma on Russia has already been imposed: the political scientist said what the future holds for the country


The stigma on Russia has already been imposed: the political scientist said what the future holds for the country

The International Criminal Court's decision to arrest Vladimir Putin has shamed Russia forever. It doesn't matter who will be the next president of a terrorist country, because it is run by the FSB

Political scientist Oleksandr Antonyuk told Channel 24 about this. According to him, anyone who becomes the president of Russia will not be less toxic than Putin.

Russia is controlled by the FSB

Alexander Antonyuk is convinced that nothing will change from changing the name of the President of Russia.

It could be Vladimir Putin. Is Dmitry Medvedev less toxic? No. Is Nikolai Patrushev less toxic? Also no. Whomever you appoint today, Russian chauvinism still remains,” Antonyuk noted.

He stressed that this was confirmed by the interrogations of Russian prisoners suffering from Russian imperialism.

They may give away a double, or they may not give it away, in any case, the stigma on Russia and on specific personalities has already been put, – the political scientist said.

Antonyuk is convinced that Russia has chosen the path to the East and will be part of the PRC while retaining elements of state subjectivity.

How Russia was stigmatized: watch the video

“The decision-making center, most likely, will no longer be in Moscow, but in Beijing,” he added.

The political scientist believes that there will be presidents and governments in Russia, but it may happen that some Russian republics do not want to be under the rule of China, and in this case, the process of Russia's disintegration into many parts will be launched.

Antonyuk suggested that such a plan could be agreed between the US and China and could be one of the options for what to do with Russia in the event of its collapse, since there are many useful resources on its territory.

Russia destroys its statehood with its own hands

  • Not having time to become a full-fledged country, in just 32 years of existence, Russia can fall apart into several parts.
  • The reason for this may be excessive self-confidence, the inability of the elites to govern the country, the intricacies of lies, corruption and the unleashing of a war against Ukraine.
  • Due to a series of failed decisions, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has lost sight of the disastrous consequences of his actions and continues to drive Russia into even greater isolation. He now has an arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court, which will help bring the dictator to justice for crimes against Ukraine.

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