The struggle for life continues: 6-year-old Alice, who suffered in Brovary, was transported to Austria for treatment


The struggle for life continues: 6-year-old Alice, who was injured in Brovary, was transported to Austria for treatment

A terrible plane crash occurred in Brovary on January 18th. Then a helicopter with the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs crashed near the kindergarten. Unfortunately, as a result, 6-year-old Alice suffered, for whose life doctors are fighting.

On Wednesday, January 25, it became known that the injured girl in a kindergarten in Brovary went to Austria for treatment. Before that, she was transported to Lviv with her father.

The girl was delivered to Lviv in a serious condition

It is known that 6-year-old Alisa was sent to Lviv with momThey were taken in a serious condition. They received burns to their faces, upper and lower extremities. The girl's mother was taken to the adult Hospital of St. Panteleimon, and her daughter and father were taken to the children's Hospital of St. Nicholas.

Note that6 Ukrainians have already been evacuated to Austria: three adults and three children. Before being transported abroad, they were prepared by doctors from the First Medical Association of Lviv.

In addition to Alice, a 5-year-old girl with burns of the respiratory tract, as well as 7-year-old Sasha Breus, who has severe burns to her face and head, were transported to Austria.

Alice and her father are the last ones who go abroad for treatment. The girl's mother is already in Austria, where doctors take care of her. Father Vyacheslav, the doctors say, believes that everything will be fine. He sincerely dreams that the family will be together again, and little Alice will go to school and get her orange belt in karate, which she dreams of.

Alice was transported to Austria for treatment/Photo by the First Medical Association of Lviv Papa Alice card: 5168 1801 0224 4347; 4441 1144 4396 5437 – Oksyuta Vyacheslav.

What is known about Alice and her mother

  • As we have already said, Alice and her mother were seriously injured as a result of a helicopter crash on January 18th. They were just going to kindergarten when the plane crash happened.
  • It is known that the mother literally covered her daughter with her body to save her life. Her godfather then told that Nadezhda Oksyuta (that's the name of Alice's mother) and the baby are alive. But they were sent to intensive care in Kyiv, to the burn center.
  • It is known about Alice that she is a small athlete. The 6-year-old girl, until this terrible moment, was engaged in Kyokushin karate in the local section.

The editors of Channel 24 wish Alice and her mother a speedy recovery. We express the hope that the girl is very soon be able to return to the tatami. And her mother will lead her to the lesson.

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