The support of the people of Lviv helps a lot – a displaced person who opened his own bistro in Lviv


Support from Lviv is very helpful – a migrant who opened his own bistro in Lviv

Vladislav Lyubchenko, who was moving from Kharkov, settled in Lvov. The atmosphere of the city and the desire to start all over again inspired the man, together with his Kharkiv friends, to open his own bistro.

The peculiarity of the cozy establishment “First” is that almost all of its employees are also immigrants. Vladislav Lyubchenko told about this for the SVOI project to channel 24 journalists.

A small part of Kharkov in the center of Lviv

Vladislav I decided to open an institution in Lviv, as I ended up in the city. At first, the man wanted to move his Tarlini showroom from Kharkov and open a cafe, but his friend suggested adding more delicious food. Then other friends joined in the idea.

This is such a symbiosis, when four people, each with their own experience and worldview, each contributes his own. This is how it turns out an institution that is really different from everything else, because it simply does not copy anything, it is original,” said Vladislav Lyubchenko.

It was not easy to open your own bistro in the city center, overflowing with establishments. Even with experience, it is very easy to break down when you create something from scratch, when “there is nothing left behind.” But the people of Lviv supported the man.

Only 2 months of hard work and a cozy bistro “First” welcomed visitors, and now Kharkiv residents are planning to open a second institution.

Kharkiv resident spoke about special dishes in his institution

Vladislav Lyubchenko tried to transfer the spirit of his native cities and add dishes you loved at home. He especially recommends pho bo and Kharkiv coffee.

Pay attention. Pho bo is a Vietnamese national dish, soup with strong beef broth with rice noodles.

At the Kharkov market “Barabashovo”, where the man often visited for work, he tried this dish more than once. And he washed down all the coffee with condensed milk. For him, this is Kharkov-style coffee.

True, in our bistro “First” we made an interpretation: there is 100% Arabica with condensed milk. And in Kharkov it's Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk. In the summer there was also hibiscus at “Barabashovo”. Therefore, this tea is also on the menu, – said Vladislav

Kharkiv residents opened bistro “First” in Lviv from scratch: how it all began/Photo by Vladislav Lyubchenko

Vladislav recommends that Ukrainians do not hold on to 4 walls

Many Ukrainians are afraid to leave their parents' homes even under the threat of fire, but the man is convinced that staying is much worse. Life is more important than property and apartments, so do not neglect it.

He emphasizes that there are many good people in Ukraine who are ready to host and help. Therefore, it is not recommended to sit in hot spots and wait “when something bursts so that you simply cannot leave.”

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