The Swede is looking for Soviet sailors who rescued her on the high seas 37 years ago

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The Swedish woman is looking for Soviet sailors who rescued her on the high seas 37 years ago

The Swede is looking for Soviet sailors who rescued her on the high seas 37 years ago

In Sweden, director Helena af Klerker is working on a film about how in 1984 she and her friend Charlotte were rescued by Soviet fishermen in the Aland Sea. Women are looking for those who helped them then, Interfax reports with reference to the Center for the Development of Film Production in the Murmansk Region.

According to Clerker, in November 1984, he and a friend were carried out to sea in an aluminum rowboat, on which they decided to take a ride off Vedde Island. Then they were only 19. At the same time, on land, no one knew that the girls had taken the boat. As a result, the Swedes spent 48 hours at sea and froze.

Two days later, the girls were rescued by sailors from the dry-cargo ship “Dagestan” of the Murmansk Shipping Company. Helena and Charlotte were lifted aboard, warmed and fed, and then handed over to the Swedish rescuers.

“It was a mental trauma, and at first I didn't want to make it public, but then I started working on the script and looking for my saviors,” said Clerker.

Eight years ago, the director, with the help of the Museum of the Murmansk Shipping Company, found the captain of the dry cargo ship Vyacheslav Kuzmenkov and invited him to visit Stockholm. Now Helena is looking for other sailors for filming.

The film is being shot by order of the Swedish state television, part of the filming has already taken place in Sweden. Currently, the issue of organizing the arrival of the film crew to Murmansk is being resolved.

Let us remind you that in February MIR 24 told the story of Vidam Perevertilov. The Silver Supporter's chief engineer fell overboard between New Zealand and the Pitcairn Islands at four in the morning. The man spent over 14 hours in the water clinging to an old fishing buoy before being rescued.

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