“The swim failed”: in the Donetsk region, border guards destroyed enemy saboteurs


Our military spoke about the new liquidation of the enemy/Channel 24 collage

occupiers do not abandon their offensive plans. Therefore, they go to reconnaissance and meet the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which successfully liquidate them.

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"The swim failed": border guards destroyed enemy saboteurs in Donetsk region< /p>Viber

Our border guards told about another such case. It was their unit that stumbled upon enemy saboteurs.

They wanted to cross the river, but something went wrong

Our defenders said that they noticed a group of infidels on the Seversky Donets River.

They took off all their uniforms and equipment. We wanted to make it more convenient for them to cross the river.

“The swim failed: two enemies were destroyed, one was wounded,” our military boast.

The rest DRG members escaped.

The Marines also boasted of the “catch”

The Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine also said that on August 18, the Marines steadfastly and courageously resisted the Russian invaders in the assigned sectors of the front. Marines killed 6 enemy manpower in the Donetsk direction.

And this is not the end. After all, artillery units struck at the accumulation of personnel and equipment of the invaders. As a result, 10 invaders were killed and wounded, and 1 MSTA-S self-propelled howitzer was destroyed. The final losses of the enemy are being specified.

How the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroy infidels

  • Each division of our army in a race tells how he managed to destroy the invaders. Thus, every day there are fewer and fewer enemies. There was a case when an enemy electronic warfare station came into view of the special forces. She worked actively, but the Ukrainian soldiers managed to fly right up to her. And with the help of a drone, they delivered fatal strikes at the location of this station.
  • Our Ground Forces also reported that artillery units of the Ukrainian Navy hit the concentration of manpower and equipment of the invaders. Our fighters eliminated at least 6 invaders. But the exact data of enemy losses are being specified. This means that there may be more of them.
  • Karma is also on our side, so sometimes the invaders simply self-destruct. For example, in the Kursk region, a KamAZ exploded, inside of which there were infidels. This happened just a few kilometers from the border with Ukraine. The car exploded, probably hitting a mine. One soldier was killed and two more were injured. They are now in the hospital.

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