The target was the Yavorivsky district, the shock wave caused destruction, – Sadovy about the night shelling


The target was the Yavorivsky district, the shock wave caused destruction, – Sadovy about the night shelling

Sadovy about the rocket attack on Lviv/collage of channel 24

At night, the invaders launched a massive attack on Lviv, our military learned how to actively shoot down missiles, so they did not affect Lviv. However, they caused significant damage to the infrastructure outside the city.

This was announced by the mayor of Lvov Andrey Sadovy. He also added that, unfortunately, Lviv residents at night are forced to count not the stars, but the missiles that strike. district. And all missiles must be landed on the border with Poland, where the distance is 15 kilometers from the Poles. Thanks to our military, such a big disaster did not happen, – said the mayor of Lviv.

The level of damage in the Lviv region

Andrey Sadovyi added that the shock wave still caused damage. “I also spoke with the chairman of the Novoyavorivskaya community, there is destruction in the village of Shklo – windows flew out there, houses were hit by debris. Certain infrastructure facilities were also damaged,” says Sadovy.

The mayor also noted that public utilities workers quickly they will put everything in order.

Now the realities are such that at night the inhabitants of Lviv and the region are forced to stay in shelters, because it is not known what the enemy’s next target will be,” Sadovyi says.< /p>

The missiles were supposed to hit the Polish border

According to Sadovyi, the Poles have great unrest. Indeed, in recent days, Russian invaders have been attacking areas near the Polish border, so the mayor thinks that the Poles are very worried.

Many thanks to Poland for such an active position in support. Indeed, after the first massive shelling of the Yavorivsky training ground, support increased greatly. Immediately Biden arrived, and the supply of weapons increased. Yes, and our military also gained confidence, – informs the mayor of Lviv.

Details on the shelling of the Lviv region and other news

  • On the night of May 17, the Russian invaders launched a missile attack on the Lviv region . As a result of the attack, the railway infrastructure in the region was damaged. This was announced by the head of the Lviv OVA Maxim Kozitsky. He added that enemy missiles hit the infrastructure of the regional branch of the Lviv railway in the Yavoriv region.
  • The operational command “South” noted that the air defense forces managed to destroy a missile that the invaders fired in the direction of western Ukraine. The missile was in the waters of the Caspian Sea, based on a strategic fighter.
  • In the Lvov region, air defense shot down 3 cruise missiles. One rocket hit – a military facility in the Yavoriv region was damaged. This was reported to Channel 24 by their own sources in the Lviv OVA. According to preliminary information, the air defense forces managed to destroy 3 cruise missiles.
  • Regarding the Belarusian threat, Alexander Lukashenko cannot decide to order his troops to enter the war against Ukraine. The self-proclaimed president of Belarus understands what a disaster this will turn out to be for him. He is afraid to destroy himself with his own hands, because the Belarusian army will not follow the order and will drop it.
  • The Russian occupiers inflicted regular blows on the eastern part of Ukraine. The invaders fired on hospitals in Severodonetsk. The Popasna area was also shelled – as a result of shelling in the region, 10 people were killed, 3 more were injured.

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