The temperature is almost 40, the children were taken out unconscious: a Ukrainian woman told about the mass poisoning in Egypt

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 The temperature was almost 40, the children were taken out unconscious: the Ukrainian woman spoke about the mass poisoning in Egypt

In Egypt, not everyone was called an ambulance, only those who were hospitalized was getting worse.

In Egypt, Hurghada, at the AMC Royal Hotel , 15 Ukrainians were poisoned. The victims claim that the mass poisoning was hidden for a long time both in the hotel and in the travel company that organized the trip.

Obozrevatel writes about this

Tourist from Ukraine Tatiana Kopach said that people with poisoning began to be hospitalized on October 30. It is difficult for a woman to say what exactly they were poisoned with during a vacation in Egypt. According to the Ukrainian woman, many ambulances arrived at the hotel to pick up children and adults who were already in serious condition. Tatyana Kopach and her husband also felt bad on the night of October 31st.

“At first, my husband felt bad, his temperature rose to almost 40. My health worsened by the morning. , – difficult, “- explained Tatiana.

Tatiana Kopach adds that there are more than 15 Ukrainians among the victims of the poisoning. The tour operator who organized the trip did not answer people's calls, and therefore the victims were unable to contact the insurance company. Then the Ukrainians consulted a doctor in Egypt. The doctor prescribed medication for them, which some of the victims were forced to purchase at their own expense. However, these medicines did not help.

“The guys flew from Ukraine, who also had to settle in our hotel, but they were immediately moved to another, without even bringing them in. They brought us medicines against food poisoning. And that's just having accepted them, it became a little easier for us, “the Ukrainian woman explained.

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