The temporarily occupied Crimea is on fire again: this time in Kerch


The temporarily occupied Crimea is on fire again: this time in Kerch

On Wednesday morning, March 15, a large-scale fire broke out in the temporarily occupied Kerch. The smoke from it is visible from afar.

This was reported by eyewitnesses in local telegram channels and Russian media, and also published photos and videos of the event. According to them, the fire originated on the territory of the former iron ore plant, writes Channel 24.

The cause of the fire is unknown

According to preliminary information, the fire broke out 2.5 kilometers away from the Zalov shipbuilding plant stolen by the invaders. The reasons for this emergency are still unknown.

It is known that at present the former Kamysh-Burun iron ore plant is not working. However, the network suggests that its territory could be used by the invaders as part of military equipment or equipment.

Smoke from the fire is visible from afar / Photo from telegram channels

The fire broke out on the territory of the former iron ore plant / Photo by eyewitnesses

Burning in Simferopol

It should be noted that the previous fire in the temporarily occupied Crimea broke out only on the eve of the morning of March 14. It has risen in a large warehouse and spread over an area of 1,000 square meters. About 30 rescuers and 7 pieces of equipment arrived to put out the fire.

According to preliminary information, there were no casualties.

Fire in Simferopol on March 14 / photo EMERCOM of Russia

Previous fires in Crimea

  • On December 10, it became known about a fire in the temporarily occupied Crimea. She then covered the barracks, where the mobilized Russian occupiers were placed.
  • In early January, a fire broke out at Cape Fiolent in the southwestern part of the peninsula. It happened after a series of explosions.
  • Also in early January, at the Belbek airfield on the Crimean peninsula, locals heard the sounds of explosions. Enemy media immediately began to write that it was air defense systems that were working.

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