The threat to the nuclear security of the world: a political scientist said whether the United States recognizes Russia as a sponsor of terrorism


The threat to the nuclear security of the world: a political scientist said whether the United States recognizes Russia as a sponsor of terrorism

For more than a year there has been a full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine. The terrorist country destroys civilian infrastructure and commits genocide of the Ukrainian people, but the United States still does not recognize it as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Political scientist Andrei Vigirinsky told Channel 24 about this. According to him, the United States does not recognize Russia as a sponsor of terrorism, because this will have serious consequences for controlling the strategic security of the planet.

Communication with Russia will continue

Andrei Vigirinsky believes that the United States maintains communication with Russia at the level of the heads of the General Staff. He explains this by contacts over the shooting down of an American drone in the Black Sea by a Russian fighter, contacts after missiles hit Poland as a result of Russian missile strikes, and Russia's statement about the termination of participation in the strategic security treaty.

One way or another, communication with Russia takes place because it is a country that has the second nuclear warhead on the planet. How can one recognize a country as a sponsor of terrorism and, accordingly, cut off diplomatic communications with it in matters relating to strategic security on the planet? Vigirinsky noted.

He is convinced that American politicians are clearly saying that there are areas in which a certain form of diplomatic interaction through direct channels of communication should be maintained.

Why Russia has not yet been recognized as a state sponsor of terrorism: watch the video

The political scientist said that Russia had previously stated that if it was recognized as a sponsor of terrorism, it would carry out a mirror response and break all forms of interaction with countries that would support this decision.

“And it is unlikely that the United States will dare to plunge the world into strategic uncertainty, even into such a confrontation in the days of the Republicans or Democrats,” the political scientist noted.

Russia threatens the world with nuclear war

  • Due to Russia's numerous military defeats in the war with Ukraine, the terrorist country occasionally resorts to threats of nuclear strikes.
  • For some reason, Russian ex-president Dmitry Medvedev believes that the world cannot exist without Russia, and therefore began to threaten the world with nuclear strikes if the question of the existence of Russia arises.
  • At the same time, Medvedev still does not understand that he and dictator Vladimir Putin themselves are destroying their own country and leading it into the abyss.

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