The timing of the start of serial production of the “Armata” tank has been disclosed

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The timing of the start of serial production of the

The head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov said that serial production of the newest Russian T-14 Armata tank will begin in 2022.

According to Manturov, state tests of the tank are coming to an end next year. Also, from 2022, he “will already go actively into the series.”

Izvestia reminds that earlier the Ministry of Defense called the T-14 a real mobile headquarters. The tank will have a unique automated control system that will allow commanders to control other combat vehicles in real time.

In addition, “Armata” will be able to protect various equipment from enemy aircraft and anti-tank weapons. The tank will also be able to provide support for the BMP – a 125 mm cannon will serve for this.

Russia is also working on an unmanned version of the “Armata”, but it will not go into production.

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