The topic of aircraft has moved from the “dead center” – Kuleba


Aircraft theme has moved from the "dead center", – Kuleba

After another meeting of the international allies in the Rammstein format, the entire media space was filled with information about German tanks. However, Ukraine needs to take the last half step to get Leopard.

This was announced by Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba during the telethon. According to him, British Challenger 2 tanks have already arrived in Ukraine.

What armed issues Ukraine has left

The Foreign Minister added that soon our military will receive the promised French tanks. Therefore, according to Kuleba, there is no doubt that Leopard will reach us.

As you know, in February there will be another meeting in the Ramstein format, where the partners of our state will consider the possibility of providing one or another weapon for Ukrainian military.

Kuleba stressed that Ukraine has three big questions about weapons.They, in particular, relate to tanks, long-range missiles and combat aircraft.

You probably noticed that information is already appearing in the information space that someone, somewhere discusses the topic of aircraft. Previously, this was not the case, but today it is already a reality,” the minister said.

He added that this issue got off the ground when the Netherlands announced the possibility of providing Ukraine with F-16 fighters. Kuleba also noted that this year it is extremely necessary for Ukraine to receive all types of weapons in order to defeat Russia.

Why do partners find it difficult to transfer weapons to Ukraine

According to Kuleba, Western countries are in no hurry to provide our country with heavy equipment. They are guided by the argument that it requires a lot of training time to use it.

To which the Minister replies that “our soldiers are learning faster than decisions are made to provide these weapons.”

Ramstein results in brief

  • The Office of the President said that the last summit could be called armored. They noted that there is a coalition of states ready to supply tanks to Ukraine.
  • Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau is outraged by the delay in supplying Leopard tanks.
  • Portugal after the summit announced that it would provide Ukraine with armored vehicles and 8 power generators.
  • President Volodymyr Zelensky said that not all of Ramstein's results can be announced, but he will definitely strengthen Ukraine's resilience.

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