The track was destroyed and the depot was destroyed: what was left of the railway in Ilovaisk after the “pop”


The track was destroyed and the depot was destroyed: what was left of the railway in Ilovaisk after the

On the night of January 29, powerful “cotton” was delivered to Ilovaisk. It is known that it was unloaded at the local railway. And they did it very effectively. We will show the consequences in the photo and video.

Enemy supply chains continue to break for strange reasons. For example, this night powerful explosions thundered at the railway station in Ilovaisk. And if at night local telegram channels complained about arrivals, now you can see their consequences. Channel 24 will show them to you.

“Cotton” destroyed the railway

In the photo and video posted into the net, you can see almost jewelry work. The hits were on the railway track. It also experienced the most destruction. The ruts have been destroyed, the ground nearby is littered with holes from shells.

The video even shows how local sapperstry to get the remnants of rockets out of holes in the ground.Be that as it may, the “clap” that night made the enemy pretty worried.

If you look closely , you can see that it was the depot that became the epicenter of the hit. The rockets hit the mechanism by which the locomotive switches to different tracks. And to fix it, the occupiers will need some time.

Consequences of explosions on the railway in Ilovaisk/Photo from local telegram channels

Recall that after the explosions, propaganda media began to actively disseminate information about the absence of losses. Moreover, they urged the local population not to panic. And the icing on the cake was the allegations about the alleged launch of 7 HIMARS missiles by rail.

An explosion was also heard in Mariupol

  • Recall that on January 28 an explosion occurred in temporarily occupied Mariupol. This was told by the adviser to the mayor Peter Andryushchenko. According to him, part of the city and nearby villages were left without electricity. The “cotton” itself was brought to the Kalmiussky district.
  • Andryushchenko ironically stated that the enemies had ceased to use the word “mine clearing” in case of explosions. Like, something happened to their jaw, because this time there was no reaction to the “cotton” inherent in the occupiers in the city.
  • Note that on that day, local residents faced not only problems, associated with light. They didn't have water. There were also serious problems with both Internet access and communication.

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