The triumphant performance of the Kalush Orchestra and the mention of Azovstal: how the world media reacted


The triumphant performance of the Kalush Orchestra and the mention of Azovstal: how the world media reacted

The triumphal performance of the Kalush Orchestra and the mention of Azovstal: how the world media reacted/Collage of 24 channels

With their performance at Eurovision 2022, the Kalush Orchestra received a standing ovation from the audience and aroused the admiration of the whole world. Most of the world's media did not ignore this either.

Most of all, they focused on the call of the group leader to save our defenders from Azovstal. Channel 24 has collected for you some vivid reactions from the media from different countries.

The Guardian

In the publication sure that Ukraine was counting on reaching the Eurovision final. Like, that's why the Kalush Orchestra “brought” Mariupol to the stage just now.

Our performers were called “strong favourites” by The Guardian journalists. But the call to protect the defenders of Azovstal was not commented on in any way. However, they quoted the words of the band's soloist Oleg Psyuk in full.

Why do they think they expected to reach the final

There was a chance that the group would be disqualified for such a call. The fact is that the competition has a ban on political statements. The audience of the Eurovision final, according to preliminary calculations, reaches 200 million people.

But the semi-final was watched by much fewer viewers. Therefore, much fewer people could have learned about Azovstal then. It is also important to remember that there will still be no disqualification. The organizers said they did not see any political statements.

Toronto Sun

In the publication that appeared after the performance, they called the Kalush Orchestra the real contenders for victory. They noted that now in the world there is a big wave of public compassion after Russia's invasion of Ukraine. As it turned out, the journalists were not mistaken

This resource gave a full quote from the band's soloist and used it to remind about the situation in Mariupol. They talked about the constant shelling and bombing of Azovstal, and also called the territory of the plant the “last bastion” of our soldiers in the city.< /h2>

The coverage of the events from this Moldovan media turned out to be very interesting. In the Romanian-language version, they told in great detail about the speech and the call to save Mariupol. They also noted that “the audience was delighted with the performance of the Ukrainians.” And we embedded a video of the Kalush Orchestra performance.

But in the Russian-language version there was not a single mention of Ukraine's performance at the competition. However, they did a certain information sabotage aimed at Russian-speaking readers. Almost nothing was written in the news about the speech of the representative of Romania and only a video of Oleg Psyuk's address about Mariupol was inserted.

Corriere Della Sera

< p dir="ltr"> The site of a well-known Italian daily noted that the victory would have been symbolic. In their opinion, in this way the world community once again expressed support for the Ukrainians. In most of the text describing the speech, the journalists emphasized the call to help Mariupol and Azovstal.


The Portuguese edition also called the Ukrainian group the favorite of the contest. Its journalists also devoted most of the text to the topic of Mariupol.

There they spoke in detail about the ongoing attacks of Russian troops on the territory of the metallurgical plant. They also reminded that the Russian authorities fundamentally do not allow even wounded Ukrainian defenders to be taken out.


This Italian site immediately reacted to the speech and the statement. But he spoke about the situation at Azovstal in detail only when Oleg Psyuk commented on this at a press conference. The resource should also be singled out because he wrote a lot about the representatives of Ukraine at the competition. At the same time, they not only remembered the band itself, but even explained the context of the song to their audience.

After all, first of all, the composition is dedicated to the mothers of the Kalush Orchestra members. But Leggo translated it to point readers to the line about the war in Ukraine.

How publications helped win the competition

After all the performances, the audience began voting for the winner. Despite the insane support of Ukraine, our group could not have won, because the UK also had a strong representation.

Each of the news, where the Kalush Orchestra was called the favorite, increased the number of votes. Repeated repetition of a potential victory often prompts the audience to subconsciously support the one who is in a more advantageous position.

It should be noted that this is one of the media tricks that are used even in the elections of parliaments and leaders of countries. In particular, fake sociological surveys are made for this.

Pay attention! These are far from all the world's media that wrote about the winning performance of the Kalush Orchestra at Eurovision. But the representatives of Ukraine at the song contest really provoked a wave of excitement around the world.

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