The truck transported sunflower waste: the details of the fatal accident near Kharkov became known

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Details of a fatal road accident near Kharkov became known, which killed three people , and five more people injured.

In the evening of November 25, five vehicles collided on the Ring Road in the Kharkiv region, among which there are two trucks and three cars.

 The truck transported sunflower waste: details of the deadly DT have become known/> </p>
<p>This was told by the speaker of the Kharkiv region prosecutor's office Dmitry Chubenko in a commentary to one of the Ukrainian publications. According to him, law enforcement officers looked through the CCTV cameras and talked to witnesses. </p>
<p> Previously, the driver of the MAN truck drove through a red traffic light and crashed into a Chevrolet car at an intersection. Part of the truck's trailer flew off to another truck, and MAN tipped over to the left side, <strong> crushing a taxi car with three people in the cabin </strong>. </p>
<p>Among them & # 8212; driver aged 49 and two passengers (a girl aged three and her 49-year-old grandmother). They died at the scene of the accident. Five more people were taken to a medical facility. Doctors assess their state of health as stable. </p>
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The speaker of the prosecutor's office said that the MAN truck was transporting sunflower waste. A Suzuki car was moving towards it, crashing into the thrown waste on the highway.

The driver of the truck with bodily injuries was detained by law enforcement officers. Specialists will check for the state of drug and alcohol intoxication of the man who was driving the MAN.

Soon he will be informed of the suspicion, the investigators intend to send a petition to choose a measure suppression in court. Criminal proceedings have been opened under Article 286 (Violation of traffic safety rules or the operation of vehicles by persons operating vehicles) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

An accident near Kharkov on the Okruzhnaya road occurred on the evening of November 25. The accident killed three people who were in the cabin of one of the cars. The accident claimed the life of a small child, the girl's grandmother and a taxi driver. Five more people were hospitalized with injuries of varying severity.

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