The “Turn Back Alive” Foundation became the first in Ukraine who can buy military goods from abroad


The Turn Back Alive Foundation became the first in Ukraine to be able to buy military goods from abroad

The Turn Back Alive Foundation will be able to buy military goods from abroad merchandise/Foundation Facebook

The Turn Alive Foundation has been working hard since the early days of the full-blown invasion to do as much as possible. Now he can also buy military goods from abroad.

“Turn back alive” will be able to buy military goods from abroad

The Foundation received the official right to purchase military goods from abroad. Yes, “Turn back alive” became the first charitable foundation in Ukraine to receive such a right.

Since the end of March, the Foundation has been registered as a subject for international transfers of goods, in particular military goods appointments at the State Export Control of Ukraine,” says Ruslana Velichko, a lawyer at the foundation.

She added that now philanthropists can transfer to the front not only certain types of optics, communications, etc., but also means of “active destruction “, which are in service with the US Army and other advanced European countries.

Also, this status gives the right to buy relevant goods from manufacturers directly without intermediaries. It will not only be cheaper, but also protect against the purchase of low-quality goods and unscrupulous sellers.

The Fund stressed that they would focus on lethal weapons, which will strengthen the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They are ready and able to buy and transfer strike UAVs, helicopters, ammunition and much more to the balance of military units, which will accelerate our victory.

Please note: volunteers call on all those who care, in particular, large and medium-sized businesses, the IT cluster and the diaspora around the world, to join and help implement the most ambitious projects and close the critical requests of the military.

In addition, “Turn around live” are already implementing transactions totaling about $ 20 million. Some of these funds were spent on one of the most powerful products in its class.

“Turn back alive” is testing a “reconnaissance video tube” at the front

Ukrainian volunteers from the “Turn back alive” fund have developed for the APU a special device. 5 experimental “reconnaissance video tube” devices are already being tested at the front.

Such devices should reduce the losses of Ukrainian defenders from enemy sniper fire and improve the quality of observation of the enemy. A special device allows you to monitor the actions of the enemy from closed positions.

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