The Ukrainian military showed a vivid video of how they destroyed enemy tanks with the help of drones


Ukrainian military showed a vivid video of how drones destroyed enemy tanks

Ukrainian fighters from the sky destroyed several enemy tanks/Video screenshot

Every day the Ukrainian military valiantly defend our country. They not only repel enemy attacks, but also destroy them. And they do it not only from the ground, but also from the sky.

The air reconnaissance combat unit showed how it destroys enemy T-72 tanks. The work is so meticulous that you just want to give our soldiers a standing ovation.

Russian tanks turn into fireworks

R18 drones are used to destroy enemy tanks. With their help, ammunition is dropped on the equipment of the invaders, which disable the tanks of the Russian invaders.

Watch the video how the guys from “Aerorazvedka” destroy enemy tanks:

If you have the opportunity to support the guys from Aerorazvedka, then go to this link. Each of your donations will help them destroy the invaders.

Note that the Ukrainian military is actively using the R18 UAV. With their help, unguided cumulative munitions RKG-1600, which are manufactured at the Mayak plant, are dropped on the invaders. Ammunition, by the way, is based on the RKG-3 anti-tank grenade.

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