“The Ukrainian sun is rising”: Ichkerians began preparations for military operations in Chechnya


"The Ukrainian sun is rising": Ichkerians have begun preparations for hostilities in Chechnya

Ichkeria is preparing to fight for its independence/Collage of Channel 24

Putin and Kadyrov will very soon need to think not about shooting absurd videos. The peoples enslaved in Russia are slowly preparing to throw off the yoke of the occupiers.

The colonial policy of the Russian occupiers may soon come to an end. The heroic struggle of Ukraine inspires other peoples to fight. Ramzan Kadyrov was already seriously frightened and asked for Chechen air defense. channel reported that the peoples of the Caucasus will continue to actively fight against Russian colonialism. He believes that Ichkeria now has a historic chance to get such a coveted freedom.

Belokiev recalled the words of the great Ichkerian leader Dzhokhar Dudayev that Russia will die when the Ukrainian sun rises.

Now, being on the front line in Ukraine, we are witnessing the first rays of the Ukrainian luminary descend. We are actively engaged in political work with Ukrainian and Western leaders, as well as military work, the purpose of which is our de-occupation and further denuclearization of the Russian empire. – he said.

Belokiev also said that in Ichkeria, active work with the local population and the discovery of places of deployment of enemy forces had already begun.

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