The ultra-right staged an assassination attempt on the President of Bolivia

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The ultra-right staged an assassination attempt on the President of Bolivia

A dynamite bomb exploded in the building of the Bolivian Movement to Socialism party – the press service announced an attempt on the life of the country's president-elect Luis Arce. TASS reports.

It is known that at the time of the explosion, the president was meeting inside the building. At the same time, no one was injured from the explosion, the police began an investigation into the incident.

The Voenniy Informant Telegram channel claims that the attack was staged by the far-right Civic Committee for Santa Cruz, which wants to prevent Arce's inauguration on November 8. There are reports of mass strikes in the country, including road closures.

On October 18, presidential elections were held in Bolivia, the opposition considers the results to be unfair. They were won by former Minister of Economy Arce, a supporter of the escaped former president of the country, Evo Morales. He announced his resignation on November 10, 2019 amid ongoing protests, after which he took refuge first in Mexico and then in Argentina. At the same time, the politician called the incident a coup and said that he was ready to return to the country. Morales was then charged with terrorism and financing. Bolivia's Justice Ministry also accused the ex-president of rape and human trafficking.

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