The UN counts a record number of refugees in the world – more than 100 million


The UN has counted a record number of refugees in the world – more than 100 million

The number of refugees in the world is more than 100 million/Getty Images

Ukrainians, because of the war, felt the hard way what it means to leave your home and seek refuge in a foreign land. The UN calculated how many refugees there could be in the world.

Thus, it was established that more than 100 million people were forced to leave their homes. They fled violence, conflict, persecution and human rights violations.

The war in Ukraine has increased the number of refugees

It is expected that such a situation with refugees affected by the war in Ukraine. After all, it has become one of the factors that forced millions of people to flee. At the same time, the UN delimits conflicts in Ethiopia or the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They point out that there are other factors that contribute to a large flow of people.

This is a record that should never have been set. This should serve as a wake-up call to resolve and prevent destructive conflicts, ending persecution, and addressing the root causes forcing innocent people to leave their homes. said UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi.

UN figures include refugees, asylum seekers and those on the move within their countries.

Humanitarian help is not a way out

Many countries in such cases try to help and send everything that is needed for humanitarian needs. But this cannot solve the problem globally.

Therefore, Grandi called for such actions to eliminate the reasons for the displacement of people. According to him, humanitarian aid only cures the consequences.

“To reverse this trend, the only answer is peace and stability, so that innocent people are not forced to choose between acute danger at home or dangerous flight and exile,” he said. he.

Important information for Ukrainian refugees

  • Since the Russian attack on Ukraine, millions of Ukrainians have crossed the border in search of asylum. Among them are women and children who hide from the horrors of war. The countries of Europe and the world accept them, provide support and protection. For example, Germany gave a chance to Ukrainian refugees to enter its universities under simplified conditions.
  • Not only countries, but also global companies and businesses are helping. For example, many railways in Europe allowed our citizens to travel for free. Also, the carrier Wizz Air decided to allocate more free tickets for flights. Ukrainians will be able to use 10,000 tickets for flights to the UK.
  • In addition to those who went abroad, many Ukrainians moved away from the hostilities to the West of the country. The state supports them in every possible way and provides various types of assistance, in particular, monetary. Now these people will be able to receive social benefits directly at the railway stations.

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