The UN estimated the rate of vaccination against COVID-19

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UN Secretary-General Guterres says COVID-19 vaccinations are lagging behind WHO schedule

The UN estimated the rate of vaccination against COVID-19

Antonio Guterres. Photo: Mohamed Azakir / Reuters

UN Secretary-General António Guterres estimated that the pace of vaccination of the world population against coronavirus is far behind the schedule set by the World Health Organization (WHO). His words are quoted by TASS.

“Last fall, WHO outlined a strategy to vaccinate 40 percent of the population of all countries by the end of last year and 70 percent by mid-2022. We are not even close to achieving these goals now,” the Secretary General said.

He stressed that the spread of the omicron strain was “a grim reminder that the fight against COVID-19 must be the most important agenda item” for the whole world. “It is necessary that all countries and manufacturers make it a priority to ensure the supply of vaccines to developing countries through the COVAX mechanism and support the production of tests, vaccines and medicines by countries that have the resources to do so,” Guterres said.

Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the technical team at the World Health Organization's (WHO) Emergency Diseases Unit, said earlier that the Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus is gradually becoming endemic. An endemic disease is a disease that is common in a region. Such a change in the virus “is not even disputed,” the expert noted, but it is not yet possible to talk about a new property.

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