The United States announced a new package of military assistance to Ukraine for $ 550 million: details

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The US announced a new $550 million military aid package for Ukraine: details

The White House announced a new defense aid package for Ukraine.

The administration of United States President Joe Biden today, August 1, will approve a new $550 million military aid package for Ukraine.

This was announced at a briefing by John Kirby, strategic communications coordinator at the National Security Council at the White House .

“Today, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley discussed our support with the Ukrainian side. The Biden administration will approve a new $550 million military aid package today,” — noted Kirby.

According to him, the new defense package includes mustache shells advanced highly mobile HIMARS missile systems and 155mm artillery ammunition.

Kirby stressed that this is the 17th military aid package for Ukraine. In total, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, the United States has allocated more than $8 billion in military assistance to Ukraine.

Voice of America journalist Ostap Yarysh specified that we are talking about 75,000 shells up to 155-mm artillery and additional missiles for HIMARS.

Earlier, Italy approved another package of military aid to Ukraine.


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