The United States announced its plans to extract water on the moon

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The United States announced its plans to extract water on the moon

The American company Masten Space Systems intends to mine water ice on the Moon. For this, a rover with a jet engine will be used.

Masten Space Systems presented its plan as part of a NASA competition. As planned by the engineers, the rover will lift the soil and suck it in. After that, water ice will be separated from the suspension. The resulting water will be able to be used by astronauts in the future, and it will also be possible to create an oxygen-hydrogen fuel pair for jet engines from it.

The NASA competition launched in 2020. The competition area will be located 11 kilometers from the South Pole. Ice will be mined there. Each participating team will have to deliver 10 tons of water.

It is reported that Masten Space Systems has already tested its development in the Mojave Desert. This installation will make it possible to extract 426 tons of water per year.

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