The United States announced new sanctions against Iran

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США объявили о введении новых санкций против Ирана

Mike Pompeo

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo announced that the United States impose new sanctions against Iran. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

According to the diplomat, the sanctions are aimed at restricting the supply of metals and materials that can be used for nuclear, missile and military programs of the Islamic Republic. He stressed that these programs pose a “serious threat to international peace and security.”

Pompeo said that the sanctions hit also supplies materials for the construction industry of Iran. The United States believes that the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC) controls the activities of construction companies in the country.

Banned will be the supply to Iran of 22 metals and materials including aluminium alloys and several grades of steel.

Previously, the Committee on appropriations, house of representatives, the U.S. Congress approved an amendment to the military budget for the 2021 fiscal year, which prohibits American President Donald Trump to start a war with Iran. It is noted that the amendment prohibits funding for combat operations against Iran, which was initiated without the approval of U.S. lawmakers.

In 2018, the U.S. unilaterally withdrew from the AGREEMENT, which concerned Iran’s nuclear program, and imposed sanctions against Tehran. The US administration has stated the need to cut exports of Iranian oil to zero, and to impose sanctions against the country. The American leader Donald trump called the guarantor countries of the nuclear deal with Iran to abandon further support of the current agreement.

AGREEMENT was signed in the summer of 2015 between Tehran and the sextet of mediators — Russia, the United States, Britain, China, France and Germany.

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