The United States announced the expectation of a response from Russia

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White House: US has nothing to announce to Russia about further talks on security guarantees

The United States announced the expectation of a response from Russia

Jen Psaki. Photo: Evelyn Hockstein / Reuters

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Washington has nothing to report at this point on the next steps in negotiations on Russia's security guarantee proposals, TASS reports.

At a regular briefing for journalists, Psaki said that after the talks in Geneva, the representatives of the countries returned to their capitals, where they are discussing further actions on security talks and a trilateral summit of the presidents of Russia, the United States and Ukraine. Therefore, now she has nothing to announce about future meetings. At the same time, the representative of the White House announced that she was waiting for a response from Russia.

“I note that US President Joe Biden believes that further actions are up to President Vladimir Putin and Russia. We are ready regardless of what they decide,” Psaki stressed.

Psaki warned that if Russia invaded Ukraine, there would be “economic consequences that would go far beyond what happened in 2014.”

“If they decide that they want to participate in diplomatic dialogue and negotiations, then we are quite ready for this. And we hope that they will do so, ”the White House press secretary concluded.

Earlier, Psaki said that the United States has information about Russia's impending provocations in the Donbass. According to her, “Russian agents of influence” began to fabricate provocations in the state media and the Internet to “justify Russian intervention and create a split in Ukraine.”

The European Union representative for foreign affairs and security policy, Josep Borrell, called Russia's proposals for security guarantees unacceptable for Europe. The request not to expand NATO to the East is contrary to the principle of the sovereignty of independent countries. All of Russia's proposals for various membership in the alliance were rejected at the talks on January 10 in Geneva with the United States and on January 12 in Brussels, at a meeting of the Russia-NATO Council.

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