The United States approved the decision of the ISS on the warrant, but avoided giving the name of Putin: what they say in Britain


The United States approved the decision of the ISS on the warrant, but avoided giving the name of Putin: what they say in Britain

On March 17, the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin. The United States has said it supports bringing those responsible for war crimes to justice.

This was stated by the speaker of the US National Security Council Adrienne Watson. It is worth noting that her statement does not contain direct support for bringing Putin to justice – the speaker avoided giving his last name.

In the United States commented on the decision of the ISS on Putin

Watson noted that there is no doubt that Russia is committing war crimes and atrocities in Ukraine.

We have made it clear that those responsible must be held accountable. The Prosecutor of the ISS is an independent entity and makes his own prosecutorial decisions based on the evidence available to him. We support the prosecution of those responsible for war crimes,” said the speaker of the US National Security Council.

The ISS has issued arrest warrants for both Putin and Russian children's rights ombudsman Maria Lvova-Belova. The reason is the forced deportation of thousands of Ukrainian children to the territory of the aggressor country.

Back in March last year, the US government acknowledged that members of the Russian military had committed war crimes in Ukraine. In turn, in February, US Vice President Kamala Harris also said that the United States government had determined that Russia had committed crimes against humanity during its full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The UK will contribute to the investigation

According to European Pravda, British Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Dominic Raab said that his country would cooperate with the International Criminal Court in its investigations to bring those responsible for war crimes in Ukraine to justice.

In his opinion, this investigation will be lengthy. The same was said about Yugoslavia and Rwanda, but then “many of those responsible found themselves in the dock.”

I think it will be very difficult for Putin to travel the world in the short term, because many countries are members of the ISS and have an obligation to arrest him, the British minister stressed.

He concluded that it is now important for the International Criminal Court to support the work of Member States. First of all, we are talking about forensic, investigative and technical support. That, according to Raab, is now being carried out in London with colleagues and partners.

Curious! Although 123 countries are parties to the agreement on the creation of the ISS, neither the United States nor Russia are among them.

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