The United States created an institution to investigate fraud and corruption in the field of military assistance to Ukraine


US Established Institute to Investigate Fraud and Corruption in Military Assistance to Ukraine

The United States provides colossal military, economic and humanitarian support. However, given the amount of assistance, certain political confrontations in Washington and corruption scandals in Ukraine, the US decided to create an institution to monitor the assistance provided. spoke about the new US institution in detail. This work will be carried out with the help of criminal investigators, both their own and external law enforcement specialists from the United States and Europe.

Who joined the institute

As early as January 18, 2023, the document “Strategic Surveillance Plan with the Help of Ukraine” appeared on the website of the Office of the Inspector General of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The document notes that during 2022, the US Congress allocated more than $113 billion to help Ukraine. These funds are sent to our state through 11 different departments and ministries.

The established organization seeks to identify areas of greatest risk of fraud, waste or abuse in the context of assistance provided to Ukraine. An interdepartmental group was created for the work of the institute, which included the so-called “Powerful Three” (Pentagon, State Department and USAID) and inspectors general of oversight organizations throughout the US government.

Interestingly, according to the document “The Powerful Three” monthly meetings to coordinate oversight activities in Ukraine back in June 2022.

As of December 31, 2022, the institute includes oversight organizations:

  • Pentagon;
  • State Department;
  • US Agencies for International Development;
  • Defense Contract Audit Agencies;
  • Department of Agriculture;
  • Ministries of Commerce;
  • Ministries of Health and Human Services;
  • Ministries of Homeland Security;
  • Ministries of Justice;
  • Ministries of Treasury;
  • US Export-Import Bank;
  • International Development Finance Corporation;
  • Government Accountability Office;
  • Audit Agencies;
  • Army Auditing Agency;
  • Marine Audit Service;

The organization also includes the US Intelligence Community as part of 17 relevant bodies.

The organization’s team is already in Ukraine

Representatives of the organization, in particular the Powerful Three “jointly went to Ukraine to get first-hand information. The purpose of these visits is to build a shared understanding of the issues and raise awareness of the risks of fraud and corruption and reporting responsibilities.

The “Powerful Three” met with the US Ambassador to Ukraine/Photo from Twitter Bridget Brinks

As part of such visits, meetings are held with American diplomats, Ukrainian authorities, the UN and other organizations. In addition, the Mighty Three offices have criminal investigators in the United States and Germany who focus on Ukraine cases.

To oversee the Mighty Three Agency's overall response allocations in Ukraine and the Office of Accountability governments received an additional $42 million by decision of Congress.

How to report recorded violations

USAID has opened a hotline where anyone can contact on condition of anonymity to report corruption in the field of US military assistance to Ukraine, sexual assault or abuse, fraud, embezzlement, abuse, misuse, or human trafficking.

Anyone can anonymously report discovered violations./USAID infographic

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