The United States is bombing Ukraine, and Russia has liberated Syria: a taxi driver in Odessa asked for a visit to the SBU


The United States is bombing Ukraine, and Russia has liberated Syria: a taxi driver in Odessa asked for a visit to the SBU

In less than a few days, another scandal erupted in Odessa. It all started with the Russian language. But the taxi driver, who got into a scandal, suffered and he blamed the US for the war.

We learned about it thanks to the video that was posted on the network. In the first seconds, you can hear a dispute about the music of Russian performers, but these were only flowers, Channel 24 reports.

The scandal was not limited to language

The passenger asked again that the taxi driver would tell the operators that he had listened to the songs of a Russian artist in the car. To which the driver began to complain about the “infringement” of the Ukrainian in his country. He said that he spoke Russian all his life, and that he grew up in Odessa.

The phrase that he would not have taken the order if he knew what was waiting for him was especially amused. Like, if she had indicated that she did not listen to Russian music, then he would not have taken her and there would have been no scandal.

Rockets fly from America

The girl asked if it was normal to listen to Russian music when rockets were flying from Russia across Ukraine. And here is the ingenious remark of the taxi driver: “Yes, they don't fly from them, they fly from America.”

Then the passenger asked him if the Americans bombed Mariupol, if they killed people in Bucha and if they took out washing machines. To which the taxi driver moved off the topic. At the same time, he continued to bend his line. Like, “America starts wars all its life.” And to the remark about Russia's attack on Syria, he replied that it was she who “liberated” the country in this way.

  • Does it also free us from the Americans?
  • I think yes.
  • Why don't you go straight to Russia?
  • I would love to, if they let me out, I would move in from here. Not released. I am ready to renounce citizenship, to leave.
  • And you say you live in your own country.
  • In my country, but it is no longer mine.
  • Since 2014, you have had a lot of time to leave.
  • There was no such Nazism, fascism and the rest.

Unfortunately, this man has not understood anything since 2014. Neither the annexation of Crimea, nor the capture of part of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, nor a full-scale invasion showed him that Russia was to blame for everything. It is a pity that this time it will not be possible to say: “Suitcase, station, Russia.” On the other hand, the SBU can deal with it.

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