The United States may join the war on the side of Ukraine: the analyst told what it depends on

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The US can join the war on the side of Ukraine: the analyst told what it depends on

The US can directly enter the war against Russia on the side of Ukraine. It depends on how the events of this war will develop further.

Five scenarios are possible. The first and likely one is if “the Ukrainian army begins to collapse” and Russia achieves victory in Ukraine.

This was stated by John Mearsheimer, professor of political science at the University of Chicago, writes Foreign Affairs.

“In this In this case, given the Biden administration's deep commitment to preventing such an outcome, the United States could try to turn the tide by directly engaging in hostilities,” Mearsheimer suggested.

Another scenario for a possible U.S. entry into war – if it does not end within a year.

The professor also does not exclude that Washington may send ground troops to help Ukraine.

The expert admits that The US may also decide to change the situation by taking part in hostilities.

The final scenario, according to Mearsheimer, is a “deliberate escalation” that supposedly the US unwillingly becomes involved in a war on an unexpected development of “unfolding upward spiral With events”.

Recall, Russian oppositionist and lawyer Mark Feigin believes that the United States and China are already agreeing on the division of Russia.

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