The United States recorded a record daily increase in cases of COVID-19

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In the United States recorded a record daily increase in infected COVID-19

In the United States, 231.7 thousand people were infected with coronavirus per day, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. This is a record since the beginning of the pandemic.

The last maximum in the country was registered on December 4. Then the daily increase in infected people amounted to 227.8 thousand people. For comparison: at the spring peak, 34.5 thousand people were detected per day, at the summer peak – 102 thousand people.

In total, 15.8 million infected and 295.5 thousand deaths from COVID-19 have been registered in the United States since the beginning of the pandemic. For both indicators, they rank first among other countries.

According to US President Donald Trump, “in less than 24 hours” the country will begin vaccination against the coronavirus. He announced this after the regulator – the US Food and Drug Administration – approved the use of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by the American company Pfizer and the German BioNTech.

According to Bloomberg, the US has pre-orders for 600 million doses of Pfizer vaccine. This year, the company planned to supply 100 million doses of the drug worldwide, but due to problems with the supply of raw materials, it was forced to cut production in half, to 50 million doses.

In early November, Pfizer estimated the effectiveness of its vaccine at over 90%, and later reported an increase to 95%. During the vaccine trials, 170 people were infected, of whom 162 received a placebo.

In addition to Pfizer, the American company Moderna has also applied for the use of its vaccine in the United States. According to her, the effectiveness of the drug in the initial analysis was 94.1%, and in severe cases of the disease – 100%.

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