The United States refused to reduce its troops in Europe

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Pentagon spokesman Kirby denies the reduction of the US military presence in Europe

The United States refused to reduce its troops in Europe

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Pentagon spokesman John Kirby commented on the US administration's position on the presence of troops in Europe. The country's authorities do not plan to change their position on this issue, he wrote on his official page on the social network Twitter.

Kirby recalled that NBC has published data on potential options for action that the United States is considering on the eve of negotiations with Russia. He denied this information and stressed that the States refused to reduce the military presence in Europe.

“I can say in no uncertain terms that we are NOT considering a reduction in troop numbers in Europe or a change in position on this issue,” Kirby said.

The Pentagon spokesman added that the United States also does not intend to change the size of its forces in the Baltic countries and Poland.

On the eve of January 7, NBC channel, citing its sources, said that Washington representatives at future consultations with Russia in Geneva are going to consider the prospects for reducing the US military presence in eastern Europe if Moscow is willing to take these actions.

Earlier, Kirby named a condition for increasing the NATO contingent in Europe. According to him, this will happen only in response to the request of the member states of the alliance when the situation around Ukraine worsens.

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