The United States saw “a serious problem” in the new Russian submarines

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США увидели «серьезную проблему» в новых российских подлодках

Lieutenant General, U.S. air force Glen van Herc said that the new Russian submarines and cruise missiles pose a “serious problem” for Washington. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

“For the past 30 years, our rivals and potential adversaries have watched as U.S. conduct deterrence, how we compete, how you behave during conflicts,” said van Herc. He added that Russia and China had the opportunity to develop, watching US in all areas.

According to Lieutenant-General, the Russian side is developing strategic capabilities, such as submarines, which keep track of a “serious problem.” He added that it supposedly allows the Russian cruise missiles to threaten the United States.

In may The Drive called a nuclear submarine (SSN) K-549 “Prince Vladimir” project 955A (09552) “Borey-A” best submarine of the Navy (Navy) of Russia. Edition from the United States said that the Russian strategic submarine, currently being before taking into service on state tests in the White sea, has received improvements to her quietly and move quickly under water. It is, in particular, water-jet propulsion installation and a sound-absorbing coating.

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