The United States transferred powerful equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine: what are its capabilities


The United States transferred powerful equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine: what are its capabilities

For more than a year, Ukraine has been demonstrating its might and courage to the whole world. And Western countries are helping us in this, replenishing the arsenal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the latest technology.

So, in January 2023, it was announced that the United States sent new equipment to Ukraine as part of the next aid package. American infantry vehicles have already shown their effectiveness abroad and will be able to significantly strengthen the arsenal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the offensive. 24 Channel .

We are talking about powerful Bradley, which can be used both for offensive operations and for the defense of positions. In the new issue of the special project “Weapons of Victory”, together with our partner, the courageous brand Cossack Rada , we tell what the American BMP is capable of, which is already helping Ukrainians resist Russia.

Bradley: the history of the creation of the American infantry fighting vehicle

American engineers began working on the first Bradley infantry fighting vehicles in 1964. The United States sought to replace the already obsolete M113 with more powerful and modern infantry fighting vehicles capable of protecting infantry during enemy attacks and fighting back in battle.

It was not possible to do this quickly: for 17 years, the best designers and engineers have been improving the already created drawings, and only after long-term testing, they finally presented their development – Bradley. The Iron Beast was named after the legendary American General Omar Bradley and entered service with the US Army in 1981.

Since then, the Bradley has demonstrated its power on the battlefield, in particular, this technique was used by the United States in Iraq and the Gulf War. So far, combat vehicles are not collecting dust: they are being actively modernized and 60 units are already helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine to destroy Russian invaders.

Characteristics of Bradley

In total, the Bradley BMP is designed to transport the military to the battlefield and provide fire support. This technique underwent modifications after the military operation “Desert Storm” in 1991. And it is the improved version of the Bradley that the United States is handing over to the Ukrainians.

How the US sends Bradley BMPs to Ukraine: video

Bradley Key Features:

  • weight – 33 tons;
  • length – 6.55 meters;
  • width – 3.28 meters;
  • height – 2.97 meters;
  • range of fire – 2 kilometers;
  • maximum speed – 66 kilometers per hour on the highway, 40 – off-road, 7.2 – afloat;
  • power reserve – 483 kilometers of the highway.

In addition, the American BMP is equipped with the FBCB2 information and control system, and therefore can exchange data with satellites and other units.

BMP Bradley has proven itself in combat / Photo by Shutterstock

The crew of the Bradley consists of a commander, gunner and driver. Also, the BMP can accommodate another 6 – 7 people. In the modernized version for the landing, benches are installed, which are located so that the military, if necessary, can quickly leave the car.

As for armament, the American infantry fighting vehicle has a 25-mm M242 Bushmaster automatic cannon with an external automatic drive and a two-year power supply. Therefore, it is possible to make a quick transition from one type of ammunition to another. The gun ammunition itself consists of 900 shells. Among them – 225 high-explosive fragmentation and 75 armor-piercing are enclosed on the tower, while others are in the ammunition rack of the BMP.

The military can fire in three modes: single shots or bursts with a rate of fire of 100 or 200 rounds per minute. In this case, the maximum rate of fire of the gun per minute is 500 rounds.

Also with a cannon is a coaxial 7.62 mm M240S machine gun. Its ammunition load is 2340 rounds, which allows the crew to effectively destroy hostile targets. In addition, the Bradley BMP is equipped with TOW anti-tank missiles, so when meeting with enemy equipment, this “beast” will be able to give a worthy rebuff.

Another advantage of the upgraded Bradley is the presence of laser rangefinders with a range of 10 kilometers and thermal imagers. This helps the commander, even in the dark, to see the entire situation, coordinate targets and control units, taking into account changes in the battlefield.

In general, the American BMP has the same fire control system as the M1A2 Abrams tanks. Consequently, the Bradley crew is capable of destroying even the most modern Russian tanks at a distance of 2.5 kilometers.

American infantry fighting vehicle armor

And one of the main functions of the Bradley BMP is the transportation of infantry. So the armor of this vehicle is appropriate: aluminum armor plates, combinations of steel and aluminum, alloyed manganese, chromium, magnesium and zinc provide reliable protection for the crew. In addition, Bradleys are made of steel plates to protect the underside of the machine from damage. All of this combined makes American vehicles invulnerable to 30mm APDS and RPG rounds or similar anti-tank weapons.

The American infantry fighting vehicle has reliable armor / Photo by Shutterstock

Additional armor and internal upgrades increased the weight of the BMP from 25 to 33 tons. Consequently, the Bradley M2A2 has a stronger transmission and torsion bars, as well as a tracked chassis with excellent flotation. Thanks to this, American technology can make its way off-road at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour, and on the highway to reach speeds of up to 66 kilometers per hour. The infantry fighting vehicle is also capable of overcoming water obstacles: in such conditions, it develops a speed of up to 7.2 kilometers per hour.

So, the Bradley BMP is a powerful combat vehicle capable of participating in breakthroughs at the front and, in combination with other equipment, liberating Ukrainian lands from Russian invaders. Also, the Pentagon notes that this beast in the capable hands of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will prove itself not only in offensive operations, but also during the transportation of infantry in hot spots.

Ukrainians are invincible and step by step they drive the occupiers out of their land! While the whole world is fond of us, the Cossack Rada accompanies victory. After all, the Cossack Rada is a brand with a Ukrainian character: unrestrained as a weapon, courageous, like all our people.

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