The United States will not leave this unanswered – Zhdanov on the downing of the UAV over the Black Sea


The United States will not leave this unanswered - Zhdanov on the downing of the UAV over the Black Sea

Russia continues to provoke NATO with its antics. Thus, the Kremlin is trying to portray the United States as the aggressor.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov said this on his YouTube stum. He explained what Russia wants to achieve with such behavior and why the US is doing the right thing. 24 Channel.

Why is the US response so restrained?

Russia wants to provoke the US into fighting and, pretending to be peacekeepers, settle the incident for its own benefit. Beating of the American UAV MQ-9 Reaper Russia issues as an accident.

Of course, the US was expected to respond with some sort of combat thrust. However, the United States answered, in my opinion, very correctly, – says the expert.

The American military command said that this incident resulted in the unprofessionalism of Russian pilots. Moreover, the United States expressed concern that a Russian pilot could have been injured.

“I think that the United States will not leave it so easily. Moreover, their response can occur in any sector: from financial to economic and military,” Zhdanov believes.

Zhdanov's reaction to the downing of an American UAV: watch the video

What is known about the incident: briefly

  • On the morning of March 14, after one of the Russian Su-27s crashed into the propeller of an American UAV, the latter fled. The United States had to sink the drone and, most likely, the wreckage will not be pulled out from the bottom of the Black Sea.
  • A video released by the US Department of Defense showed a Russian Su-27 approaching the drone and dumping fuel, during a second attempt it flew as close to the drone as possible, after which one of the MQ-9 Reaper propeller blades was damaged.
  • Despite this, the drone continued to fly, but the operators decided to destroy it.
  • After that, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov was summoned to the US State Department. He managed to justify himself for the incident and stated that no one threatened him.
  • Moreover, the United States said that even after Russia shot down their drone, they will continue to perform identical flights, since they are not prohibited. In addition, Washington believes that the collision of the drone and the Russian aircraft was unintentional.

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