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Moscow. 16 of September. INTERFAX.RU – The Russian vaccine against coronavirus “Sputnik V” has a higher neutralizing ability against the “delta” strain among previously ill COVID-19 patients than the Sinopharm and AstraZeneca vaccines, follows from a study by physicians at the Argentine National University of Cordoba (Argentina). The data is given by the newspaper La Nacion.

Experts have compared the neutralizing ability of antibodies in the plasma of 309 patients against the original and “delta” -strains of COVID-19. 41 study participants had previous illness and were not vaccinated, 78 were fully vaccinated with AstraZeneca, 101 received both doses of Sinopharm, and another 89 received a full course of Sputnik V vaccines. At the same time, 21 vaccinated AstraZeneca, 40 vaccinated Sinopharm and 55 “Sputnik V” previously suffered from coronavirus.

The resistance to the “delta” strain compared with the original coronavirus decreased in all subjects, but among those who had previously been ill, the smallest decrease in the neutralizing ability of antibodies was recorded in those vaccinated with Sputnik V. At the same time, among volunteers who had not previously encountered the disease, the drop in the effectiveness of antibodies from all three vaccines against the “Indian” variant did not practically differ. The researchers emphasize that despite different levels of efficacy, those vaccinated with each of the three vaccines remain resistant to the delta strain.

The most significant efficacy against the “Indian” strain decreased in unvaccinated volunteers.

The study was conducted by 26 specialists from the National University of Cordoba, Rawson Hospital and the Cordoba Provincial Ministry of Health.

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