The US also has its own “Medvedchuk”


The US also has its own

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Alexander Kovalenko

Russian propaganda is activating its agents in the American politicum – a renegade of the Democratic Party.

How Russia wants to undermine US support for Ukraine

I think everyone is well aware of the “Russian pool” in the Republican Party. The majority are Trumpists. But there are Kremlin agents among the Democrats as well.

The Kremlin is currently launching a massive anti-Ukrainian campaign in the United States designed to undermine confidence and discredit Ukraine in the eyes of ordinary Americans. Such actions should shape US electoral views focused on anti-Ukrainian rhetoric.

That is, one of the politicians who supports Ukraine should have fewer chances for votes, which is critical for many politicians during the pre-election period. Thus, due to the relay of Ukrainophobia in the US, using both parties, the Kremlin plans to blow up support for Ukraine.

Tulsi Gabbard should become the main relay of Ukrainophobia. And although she is now not a democrat, but a defector to the camp of opponents, and even to the camp of “Trumpists”, she will be entrusted with the responsibility of forming an anti-Ukrainian pool in the Democratic Party because of her contacts.

Zashkvara Gabbard

This lady has repeatedly zashkvarivali their statements. However, at the same time, she not only remained in power, but also did not bear legal responsibility for the relayed lies, in which the Kremlin's narratives were clearly visible.

So, Gabbard in 2012 was a fan of lifting economic sanctions on Iran.

In 2013, she spoke out against US support for rebels in Syria fighting the dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad. Thereafter, she was regularly involved in blocking rebel relief projects.

In particular, in 2016, Gabbard in every possible way prevented the creation of a no-fly zone in Syria, in which Russia is not critically interested. Russian aviation even then massively bombed hospitals, schools and residential areas in areas not controlled by the troops of Bashar al-Assad.

When the full-scale invasion of Ukraine began in 2022, Gabbard claimed that it was the West that “provoked” Putin into the war, in particular (attention) by placing biological laboratories in Ukraine that developed biological weapons.

Yes, even the US Democratic Party has its own “Medvedchuk”.

In the near future, Gabbard will actively participate in discrediting Ukraine through criticism of the policies of Joe Biden, as well as the spread of Russian propaganda narratives through the American media. The activation of other democratic “sixes” of the Kremlin in the USA is also expected.

It is Gabbard who will have to deal with the communication of the Ukrainian-phobic pool in the ranks of the Democratic Party, in fact, without being part of this political force. And, apparently, not having been for a very long time.

It is very interesting when exactly she was recruited.

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